Monday, July 4, 2016

A gardener carries on.....

It’s been a rough almost four weeks (and continues) as I recover from shoulder surgery. But, you can’t keep a good gardener down – or a determined gardener! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with one hand and one arm. Looking back I really did get a lot done – with the help of my Master Gardener friends and wonderful neighbors.
                                 I got my deck pots planted.
                      I got a deck-railing pot and got it planted.

I got two junk trees cut down, including this “West Virginia Palm Tree” (above), the name according to my friend Becky.

 The dead tree now supports poison ivy, which I got in my ear when I cut it down off the tree. Ugh. My plan is to grow a couple of climbing flowering plants to climb the tree, like a rose and clematis. I have to check how much sun the area gets.

No, my shed is not being held up by the tires!

I got plantings under my tree, with a few to go. I’m going to put a lot of dirt right on top, then plant a couple impatiens and a begonia as well as a couple small ferns in the pots. The roots of the tree are so thick that I would never be able to dig holes for the plants. I do hope the fern roots will dig in, though, like the others that dug in last year did.

I got some of my donated plants planted and my garden mapped out. It will be large and I’m sure will take years to fill in. But half the fun is in the planning and process. I’ve got a daisy, lamb’s ear, my beloved moonflower, black-eyed Susan, pink Echinacea, liatrus (blazing star) , daylily and coreopsis.  My friend who planted the plants split up the Echinacea into two plants. Came out the next day and the one was chewed almost down to the ground from the bunnies. Sigh.
I hung these three planters on the fence at the end of my yard.
Finally, I’ve managed to keep all my container gardens alive with every-other-day watering. I wish it would rain every 3-4 days. That would be so helpful!

I'm going for the "country cottage" look - I want one of everything in my garden. It is nothing to look at this year - the goal is to get the plants and keep them healthy - but next summer it will be beautiful! I have to go have a talk with the bunnies.....

What have you accomplished in your garden so far?
Happy gardening my friends,
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  1. Wow, your garden is really taking off, Ann. Everything looks ao healthy, too. Just a comment on the tires holding up your shed, but do they also hold water when it rains? I hope not because that would be a good breeding spot for mosquitoes.Oh, are you going to plant any herbs? They would be a great addition to the garden. Actually, I had a lot of herbs in my garden when we lived in Pulaski.

    1. Karen, it is such a big pain in the butt to get rid of tires. They came with the house. But I definitely want to get rid of them! There's more in the shed. This is what happens when you buy a house in the middle of winter!

  2. I just simply LOVE your blog! Being a WV resident myself, this helps so much to understand the local flora and fauna! Keep it up Ann!