Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Feeding foibles

"Uh, do you mind, lady?" These photos are taken through my kitchen window.

On the way to the loo at 2:30AM this morning, the dawn of light struck - and it wasn't the sun shining yet.

I don't remember why I even walked over to my kitchen window, because normally I wouldn't. My neighbor has a large property behind mine and it backs up against a woods. I imagine this is why they have a giant security light that floods the whole area, including my back yard. It lights up everything so I can see things out there if something might be moving around, so I don't mind.

"Maybe if I hide, she'll stop taking pictures of me."

I have a critter - I think it's a possum - that tries to get into my garbage can on my back porch. Learned this lesson in a very messy way. That was months ago, but I see fresh prints all the time all over everything out there as he rummages for food.

I finally broke down and bought a bird feeder. I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing all the birdies enjoying breakfast - lunch and dinner.

Last week I filled the feeder and was surprised when I saw it empty just a couple days later. I told those birdies "I can't afford for you to inhale this stuff, especially with spring eats all around you".

"Num, num, num, num - I better fill up now before the rest of those hogs show up"

I know you know where this is going......

So I'm in front of my kitchen window this morning, and I look out and see this large dark image foraging in the bird feeder. It had the lid off (I specifically tightened it on just yesterday!) That possum was very gingerly eating the seeds out of the tray the way the birds do.

I wasn't having it - I went out the side door and opened the very loud creaky door to my porch - and he disappeared.

He's sneaky because I think if he tried getting the seeds during the day the birds would be attacking him and squawking like crazy. But they sleep at night and he sleeps during the day - just right for nighttime raids of bird feeders and garbage cans.
"Don't look now, but I think we're being watched!"

Yes you are, dear little birdies. Thanks for the show. Oh - and happy nest-building, except not on my porch please!

How do you keep the critters away? I'd love to have a comment from you!

Happy gardening, my friends,

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