Friday, July 31, 2015

The Northern West Virginia Gardener

Here I am! It's a beautiful day in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia! The sun is shining, it's cool, and the birds are singing furiously! Or uproariously? Wow - they're just plain LOUD!

In the photo you can see my backyard in the summer. Except two still is a blank slate - but a peaceful one! See my Winter blank slate below.

I haven't been around for several reasons, primarily that I have not been able to do much gardening this season which I'll explain in later posts. I just wanted to talk with you about what I envision my blog - The Northern West Virginia Gardener - will be: Naturally I will share with you the exciting ventures I'll be having as I take my blank slate (as I call the yard of my new home which virtually has nothing but two trees and a very few growing things in it). I will be taking lots of photos and sharing the good ones. Heh heh. Oh - and this is all being done on a very low budget.

I don't know too many gardeners that aren't also in love with bird-watching. I'll be sharing my bird experiences. I have one going on right now. My yard sounds like an African jungle minus the roar of a mighty lion (rest in peace, dear Cecil). But I do have birds that sound like bleating cheetas. It's a real racket out there. I'll also mention the wildlife existing under my shed.

As a Master Gardener, I want to share horticulturally-interesting thoughts, ideas, science, trends and anything else that I think you, my fellow home gardener might find helpful.

I hope to share sights and sounds and organizations; gardens, both public and private not only indigenous to Northern West Virginia, but throughout the Tri-State area of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I'll show anything interesting in my travels beyond, as I venture out to Eastern Pennsylvania to visit my daughter. Hopefully I'll venture further.......

I also will share my friends' gardening blogs such as Sue Link's The Northern New York Gardener and Christene Roy's The Great Wall of Lutz, where she does Florida gardening.

I'm looking forward to writing about gardening and nature in general and maybe a few other things.

I hope I can also give you a chuckle now and then, as well as food for thought, and hope you'll sign up to receive my posts, as well as tell all your gardening friends to check me out too!