Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September garden

I haven't been around lately due to trying to heal from my shoulder surgery. It feels 100% better and I'm able to get out and dig!

Here's what I'm working on:

I planted almost all of the shrubs I got last summer in the front garden and they did very well, except for the azaleas. This garden gets sun the whole day, so the azaleas looked pretty beat up. The one I put behind the Knockout Rose got completely blocked and didn't grow much even though it wasn't burnt up. I removed the three azaleas and I'm going to plant them in my back yard where most of the yard gets shade at some time or another.
Our lack of rain didn't help my azaleas much either.

My two Crape Myrtles are still alive! I was so thrilled when I got three more from WalMart for 2.00 each. I gave two to my daughter and planted one in my back yard. It looks sad.
These Crape Myrtles are doing pretty well. They bloomed a beautiful dark hot pink.

I purchased the bricks for around the Crape Myrtles and just stuck them there temporarily, as you can see. My goal is to make two layers (larger circles than what is there now). I will put in some garden soil and humus in the circles. I want to get a few tulips and plant them and see how they do, or if they survive the critters! I'll then fill the circles with mulch, making sure I leave a space free around the trunks.

The Knockout roses have all gone wild and have bloomed literally all summer long. I really love them.
The other Knockout that is growing like crazy. I deadhead them every few weeks.

I am somewhat disappointed in my clematis - it was a combination of two - a dark purple Jackmanii and this pale pink or violet. But early on in the summer I think something ate the Jackmanii - more than likely a mole or vole. I don't know the name of the pink one to know what its leaves are to look like, but it seems in need of something because the leaves don't look very hardy
The photo on the right is a close-up of the fresh bloom on the bottom of the plant. Most of the upper blooms have been small even though I fed it.
( The single bloom photo is on the right as I write this, but shows up on the bottom when I publish it!)
Well, now I know what does well in the heat and drought for next year: snapdragons and zinnias. A pathetic little tuft of my favorite flower peeks out from behind - cosmos, but most have died in my pots.

I received some used bricks for my garden and laid them down in front of the main garden. I need a few more, but I'm happy with how they look so far!

My poor Datura is not looking great, either. I  moved it to a shadier spot, too.

Until next time have fun with your Fall gardening. I would love to hear from you. Comment below, or write me at  .

Happy gardening,