Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garden candy!

In keeping with my blog theme of writing about gardening on a budget, I thought I’d show you the wonderful finds I’ve come across – so far.

This is certainly the time of year to hit the stores to see what plants they’ve reduced so they can clear their shelves. I’ve been to Busy Beaver, Walmart, Kroger’s and Lowe’s.

Below are photos I found of the healthy specimens that I hope my sad plants will turn into. It'll be amazing what regular watering will do!

I paid way more than I hoped I would, but purchased plants that were on my Plant Bucket List: Crape Myrtles. WalMart had them 50% off for $7.50 each. They looked neglected, of course, but I snatched up the two best ones.

                                         Crape Myrtle (2):

                    Everything else below I got for $1.00 each:
Double Knockout Roses (3)- I do love these - they are so hardy. The three I planted last year all came up beautifully.

                                      Weigela Pink Poppet
This is a small one - only reaches 3-4 feet
                                      Dappled Willow:

                                     Japanese Painted Fern:


                   Penstemon Red Husker "Bearded Tongue" (2)


I love Coreopsis. I found them for 1.00 each. I was so excited I bought two! When I got home I read the tag -  Highland Blast Coreopsis – MOUNDING ANNUAL. I never knew Coreopsis came in an annual! Why did I buy TWO?! So, so disappointed. Lesson learned: Read the tag! Duh.

Annie’s Tips: Read the plant tag so you are not bitterly disappointed when you get home with that “bargain”. LOL

I listed everything I got on sale and planted last Fall here: I lost one plant and the rhodies did not bloom, but are healthy and look good.

What good buys have you gotten for your garden?

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Happy gardening, my friends -



  1. Really pretty plants you got there, Ann. I do like the Japanese fern. How big will it get?

  2. Hi Karen! I believe the fern will get about 18-24 inches tall by the same width. It'll go under my tree looking all pathetic, but next year, if it makes it, it'll come back glorious with the rest of the ferns I'm planting! lol

  3. I rent the place I am staying. I am allowed to liven up to what I want. I redid two flower bed this summer. I still need to do one more yet.

    1. Sandy, when I was a single mom with my daughters we always rented places where we could fix it up and have gardens. These are some of the things that make a place a home, right?