Thursday, June 8, 2017

Gardening with a disability....

 It'll be exactly a year ago in a couple days that I had shoulder surgery. It went well, but it's a long recovery. I didn't get a lot of heavy-duty gardening done last summer. I still have pain if I over-do it.

I have always had a cloth wheelbarrow. I love these and was working on my second one before I had my surgery. They are much lighter than a metal wheelbarrow and I love how they fold up to take up less room when not in use.

But I knew this wouldn't work for me because of my surgery, due to the fact that you have to PUSH this and it was just too heavy even before I loaded it up with gardening "stuff".


I checked out to see what alternatives they might have and saw the little plastic cart above. It is much lighter than my cloth wheelbarrow.

I loved the idea of it because it looked like something I could PULL, rather than push. It holds a ton of material. It would work for taking out my garbage, too, which is always hard on my arms, especially because I change my kitties' litter every week and this is especially heavy for me.

I ordered the cart and it came in 2 days. All I had to do was screw the handle onto the cart.

I have to say I absolutely LOVE this cart. It holds a ton of material and allows me to do my garbage so much easier. Pulling it behind me is so much easier on my arms and shoulders.

I get no money for this post - I just want to recommend this little cart if you struggle from any kind of disabling problem such as arthritis or something similar to my issues. I just went on and these carts are $10.00 off right now! The link is below if you are interested. And what a great gift for a gardener you know that struggles with their own physical issues.

Happy pain-free gardening my friends!

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