Monday, August 1, 2016

Torrential downpour bunny

I love to see the wildlife in my yard. We have bunnies running around and I have looked out my window to see a couple playing with each other, racing around like maniacs trying to catch each other. They never do.
Here's the little bunny that got stormed on sidling up to my beloved moonflower - not looking great due to lack of rain.

It’s interesting because we have cats running in the neighborhood, too. I see the bunnies once in a while and often they’re different-looking than the ones I saw earlier. I kind of wonder, of course, if the earlier versions met their demise at the hands – or paws of the cats.

We’ve been very, very dry lately and everyone, especially us gardeners, have been praying for rain. Finally our prayers came true over the last couple days.

One of the bunnies who had been visiting regularly to relieve my lawn of all its clover was out there the day the rains started. Then we had a horrible storm move through with thunder,   lightening, wind and pounding rain. I worried about my tree in my back yard losing limbs.

I looked out at the tree and barely spotted something on the lawn that looked like the bunny. It was. He just lay there getting pummeled by the storm. His ears were up high and eyes wide open. I was beside myself. I ran out in the storm to my back porch and yelled and screamed at him and clapped my hands. He was frozen – couldn’t move. Those big eyes gazed my way. It was so sad.

Well, hello!!!
I went inside and kept looking out the window. It seemed like forever, but he finally disappeared. I don’t think he’s been around. I hope he didn’t die.

I’ve been looking for the bunny. This morning I looked out and there were two bunnies cavorting around. I thought they looked a little strange.
This photo was taken with him looking at me, but there's a kitty about twenty five feet away getting ready to make a move.

I sneaked out with my camera and the one was gone, the other was behind him, but turned around and started running right toward me. Wait – he’s not even the same kind…is he a jack rabbit? A kangaroo? Strange-looking little critter.

I hope my rain-soaked guy is all right.

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  1. They are cute till they start chewing off all you precious plants. Happened to me this year!!! Not fun...

  2. They are cute till they start chewing off all you precious plants. Happened to me this year!!! Not fun...

    1. oh yes, I think they hit my Hostas and coneflowers!

  3. Little bunnies can be cute - until they start to eat your vegetable garden!

    1. I have a few tomatoes in the ground and they haven't touched them. I'm waiting for the tomato worms to show up! Thanks for your comment, Bill!

  4. That last picture does look like a jack rabbit, doesn't it? But I love seeing any kind of wildlife, even if they eat things.

    1. We'll see...I have plans to plant lots of things, and I'll have to have a talk with the critters about co-existing peacefully together. They better be nice, or else.....