Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monarch education

Monarch Butterfly: National Geographic

I took all these photos (below) of the butterfly that was feeding on my Butterfly Bush (buddleia Black Knight). I'm thinking that this is a Monarch, but something kept nagging at my brain. I really am not sure if this is a Monarch and wondered what it was and how is it different?
Swallowtail Butterfly: Ann Bailey
I never claimed to be an expert but soon found out I really don't know much about Monarchs. I found out that they are orange, maybe a bit golden, but mostly orange. My guy is yellow - a pale yellow. I learned that he is a Swallowtail Butterfly.


The most important thing about Monarchs is that they feed on everything, but lay their eggs ONLY on Milkweed. Very unusual.
He's so pretty, but I feel bad that his wing is torn and I wonder how it affects him.
I planted five Butterfly bushes this summer, so I'm happy to know the Swallowtails and bees and other buzzing creatures will be happy! Not sure if Monarchs visited...

I've been planting feverishly (it's been so hot) this summer. My plantings are mostly driven by economics and what I can get on sale - or free. I wasn't thinking about milkweed. But I am now. I will search to find at least one Milkweed to plant this Fall if it is advisable.

For a wonderful site on Monarchs and how to bring them to your garden, go here .

So, do you have milkweed, and hopefully Monarch visitors?

Happy gardening, my friends!


  1. Well, Ann, That is a beautiful swallowtail butterfly. I bet he and his friends have been enjoying the butterfly bushes. Do you ever get any hummingbirds coming to them?

    As for the milkweed, you might try calling your state's extension service. The government is encouraging people to plant milkweed and they might know where you can get some seeds.

  2. It is amazing how the butterflies and others (except Monarchs!) are attracted to the Butterfly bush! I've had an occasional hummer, but not enough. I've had many bees feeding which makes me happy, too. Nice to hear from you, Karen!