Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wedding Flowers - Unique at West Farms in West Virginia

While researching photos for one of my posts I stumbled across a unique farm - West Farms in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

West Farms is a cutting flower farm with three acres of beautiful healthy specialty flowers - 120 varieties to be exact! They also grow other things such as herbs. You’ll find them parked at local farmer’s markets in the area as well.

Pam West
Pam West has been growing cut flowers at West Farms since 2000 and has received the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, Women in Agriculture Award in years past.

What is so unique about Pam’s farm is that a bride-to-be can take herself and her bridesmaids on a ride throughout the farm and pick out the flowers she would like to have in her wedding, from bouquets, to corsages and boutonnieres to bunches of flowers in Mason jars hung on a Shepherd’s hook.

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The finishing touch to the bride’s visit at West Farms is when Pam presents her with a complimentary bouquet of the flowers she picked out to take home.

If you are thinking of a rustic or outdoor wedding, try West Farms for your flowers. They can also give you a list of venues in the area for your celebration.

Please visit West Farms in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Call Pam at 304-647-8195 for directions or more information.

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  1. Who would have thought that something as unique as this would be so very close. I love the flowers.

  2. I would think brides would love to come and pick out their own flowers!