Saturday, January 17, 2015

Welcome to The Northern West Virginia Gardener!

Hello! I’m Ann Bailey. I am a retired Social Worker. I have a few things in life that I love, besides my family: gardening, quilting, and writing. Oh yes - and my two kitties, Holly and Noelle. I have lived the past five years with my daughter and her family, and I’ve decided to purchase my own home once again. After many months, I found the home that is just right for me. The best part of the whole thing is that I can see my daughter’s home outside my back window! This was a miracle to me that this house became available – right about the time I despaired at finding something that was just what I wanted – and needed. I have a very limited income so the miracle just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

I had a list of things when I went house-shopping. It would change as I saw each potential house – in other words, can I live without that particular thing on my list? But I asked myself: what are the things I want the MOST? The answer is a house that is as economical as possible; that has good windows and roof and is in good condition. AND – HAS A BIG YARD! The big yard was not negotiable. My little house has a big yard. My lot is about 65 by 150 feet, so I’m pretty happy with the size of my back yard. It certainly is one of the larger lots in the city I live in. There are lots that have a good footage, but right outside the back door a hill climbs straight up. I saw a lot of homes like that. Ideally, my yard would be flat, but it isn’t. It slopes, but thankfully it’s a gentle slope. My gently sloping yard heads in the direction of the gully my daughter’s house is in!

 I’m so excited about sharing with you my gardening adventures at my new home. I am located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. To give you a reference point, this is about 45 minutes West of Pittsburgh PA, and ten minutes from Steubenville Ohio – the home of Jimmy Dean, for all you (much older) boomers out there!

So go ahead and sign up for my blog and see how my “blank slate” unfolds into a beautiful garden oasis – while on a VERY small budget!

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